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If only ...

On 2/18/2020 9:56 AM, Roger Grace wrote:
> Of couse they never fail if you have a spare in the trunk !
> rg
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> I have been on many Healey group road trips spanning 3+ decades. We 
> have had 4 fuel pump related incidents. 2 involved decades old SU's & 
> 2 involved Facet's. The difference was that the Facets were not very 
> old. Also, the Facet owners were not carrying spares. In the case of 
> the SU's, if the owner did not have a spare, someone in the group did 
> have a spare that fortunately matched the failed one. Maybe there is a 
> reason Facets are so much cheaper.
> My earlier post was intended to point out that if you currently have 
> an SU it is much easier to replace it at home or on the road with 
> another new or rebuilt SU than it is to replace it with a Facet 
> because of all the modifications that are required. I do not believe 
> that a new Facet is any more reliable that a new or properly rebuilt 
> SU. Any Facet owner that heads out on a trip without a spare has the 
> same risk of being stranded. What if the next town with auto parts 
> store is hours way & how are you going to get there?
> For the same reasoning, I have a Lucus distributor with a Pertronix 
> ignition. So do many of my road trip traveling companions. The 
> Pertronix have never let us down. But, I do carry a spare Pertronix 
> ignition set. It would be much easier at the side of the road to 
> install the new pertronix that it would be to install & gap & time in 
> a set of points.
> I think of it as insurance. My spare SU is already installed in 
> parallel with the main SU. I rotate them electrically with a switch on 
> trips.
> Gary Hodson

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