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Tue Feb 18 08:20:07 MST 2020

I have been on many Healey group road trips spanning 3+ decades. We have had 4 fuel pump related incidents. 2 involved decades old SU's & 2 involved Facet's. The difference was that the Facets were not very old. Also, the Facet owners were not carrying spares. In the case of the SU's, if the owner did not have a spare, someone in the group did have a spare that fortunately matched the failed one. Maybe there is a reason Facets are so much cheaper. 
My earlier post was intended to point out that if you currently have an SU it is much easier to replace it at home or on the road with another new or rebuilt SU than it is to replace it with a Facet because of all the modifications that are required. I do not believe that a new Facet is any more reliable that a new or properly rebuilt SU. Any Facet owner that heads out on a trip without a spare has the same risk of being stranded. What if the next town with auto parts store is hours way & how are you going to get there? 
For the same reasoning, I have a Lucus distributor with a Pertronix ignition. So do many of my road trip traveling companions. The Pertronix have never let us down. But, I do carry a spare Pertronix ignition set. It would be much easier at the side of the road to install the new pertronix that it would be to install & gap & time in a set of points. 
I think of it as insurance. My spare SU is already installed in parallel with the main SU. I rotate them electrically with a switch on trips.
Gary Hodson  

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