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My sentiments exactly. While my BJ8 was not a daily driver, my concern was reliability so I was advised to change to the Facet Cube and was completely satisfied. It lasted many years, until it failed and a mechanic convinced me to change to an another pump which was readily available in all NAPPA stores so I could obtain it anywhere. Now I want to return to the Facet Cube. If I want to convince my wife to ride with me, I do not want to have to claw under the car with a mallet to keep it running.


For everyone’s information, I was active in a monthly group meeting of automotive parts exporter beginning in the 80’s and one of the members was the export manager for Facet.  He told me that he had introduced the cube to BMC and had an order to begin delivering it to them for the Austin-Healey when the announcement came that production would cease.


I kept the original pump for years, unfortunately, when it became lost in a move.  Maybe I will consider an electronic SU version, if the members of this group can convince me it is reliable. 




Bob Begani





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I think in an urban context like in San Francisco, when I was driving across the Bay Bridge all the time, I couldn't afford to have the pump crap out on me.  I had one friend it happened to, and his BJ8  was totalled when he came to a stop on the upper deck with a faulty SU pump (he didn't know he should carry a mallot in the car to whack the back panel with!).


I replaced my SU, which was very temperamental, with a facet bendix style pump which was more reliable, cheap and quiet.  As I got older, the electronic SUs became available and I switched back.   I think the main thing was the contacts were really fiddly, and if driving all the time... at some point would fail.






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Why do so many people replace an original SU pump that has lasted decades with an aftermarket pump that requires modifying the fuel lines, adding additional fittings, clamps & altering the mounting brackets (all additional sources of failures), vibrates continuously, etc, when it would be so much easier & more original to simply replace it with a new highly reliable SU fuel pump? If you are concerned about being stranded at the side of the road, carry a spare SU or even better install it in parallel & wire up a selector switch so you can switch between the two pumps.  

Gary Hodson 

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