[Healeys] BJ8 Phase 1 Hooters

Michael Salter michaelsalter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 15:58:00 MST 2020

I have a concours question for those folks with knowledge of the BJ8 Phase
We are trying to determine which horns were used on these cars.
The original Service Parts List indicates that during production of the BJ7
the horns changed from BHA4444 & BHA4445 to BHA4515 and BHA4514.
The at HBJ825315 which is the beginning of BJ8 production the horns changed
again to 13H2109 and 13H2110.

We don't quite understand what these changes actually were and how to
identify the different versions of these Lucas horns.  Can anyone help?

To add to the confusion my first Healey was a late Phase 1 HBJ8L 26036 and
although it was very rusty when I got it it was relatively low mileage and
very original.
It had horns with sticky out terminals like this.[image: image.png]
Can anyone with a very original early BJ8 let me know if it has this style
of horn terminals.
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