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Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sun Feb 16 10:46:11 MST 2020

An electric SU fuel pump will last indefinitely as it can always be 
repaired/maintained. All you have to do is use the car regularly. If the 
car (pump) has sat for a long while, it sometimes refuses to work as the 
points may have become corroded. A piece of fine 400 grade sand paper 
slid between the points will often solve this. Even new pumps straight 
from the box carried this warning in the past as they may refuse duty 
initially. I did 160.000 miles on the original SU pump in my car without 
ever even looking after it. Even after I laid up the car it always 
started without any problems at my yearly start up. Only after I had 
left it for many years without starting up it refused to spring into 
action. I only needed to clean and polish the points which had corroded  
but still had lots of life in them. The same pump is now used on my 
present car.

Of course you can get the solid state electronic version from Burlen but 
I do sometimes hear of durability problems and I have experienced 
several times that they need adjustment after a while. If they go wrong 
it is usually not possible to get them working at the side of the road, 
opposite to standard points pumps where you usually only need that bit 
of sandpaper again. The electronic version is also polarity sensitive 
which the points pump is usually not, unless it is fitted with a diode 
instead of a capacitor. Pounding the pump with a hammer may also work 
for a while but it is not a repair. It is an indication that the points 
need cleaning/replacing asap.

If, after many years/miles the points may have worn beyond salvation it 
is an easy job to replace them.

I have overhauled/repaired near to a hundred of these pumps and it is 
usually a question of polishing or replacing the points, cleaning the 
diaphragm, applying a thin smear of talcum powder between the kevlar and 
two rubber membranes and fitting a new gasket under the diaphragm (easy 
to cut yourself). Paramount is setting up the pump's points and 
diaphragm properly. Just follow the instructions from SU. Easy to find 
on the Internet e.g.:


I always replace the capacitor or diode by a transil. This will prevent 
sparking of the points nearly completely and makes the pump dual 
polarity if a diode was fitted. A transil is like a two-way Zener diode, 
it will limit the max. voltage to a specific low Voltage (I use 18V 
transils) which greatly reduces sparking.

If the valves are still airtight leave them alone or if you must change 
the rubber seals only. Do not disturb the two domes if they do not leak.

Only in the rare event that the pump is dirty internally take it apart 
in all its separate bits clean and fit new gaskets, O-rings, air chamber 
membrane and seals. Hold on the the old 3-layer diaphragm if the kevlar 
layer is still OK as it is of much better quality that the new Burlen ones.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 16-2-2020 om 16:20 schreef warthodson--- via Healeys:
> Why do so many people replace an original SU pump that has lasted 
> decades with an aftermarket pump that requires modifying the fuel 
> lines, adding additional fittings, clamps & altering the mounting 
> brackets (all additional sources of failures), vibrates continuously, 
> etc, when it would be so much easier & more original to simply replace 
> it with a new highly reliable SU fuel pump? If you are concerned about 
> being stranded at the side of the road, carry a spare SU or even 
> better install it in parallel & wire up a selector switch so you can 
> switch between the two pumps.
> Gary Hodson
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