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Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Wed Feb 5 09:59:17 MST 2020

 OK, I get it about the dollies.  Right now I have the car on two home made supports that ride on two of the sheet metal dollies that everyone is referring to.  Ultimately, my purpose for the temporary steering wheel is to be able to wheel the car to the paint shop to repair the paint that the last idiot screwed up in a couple of spots and refused to honor any kind of guarantee after spending almost eleven thousand dollars.  When I finally fit the steering wheel I have to the car I will try to make it a better fit by cleaning up the splines on the column so it slides on better.  I just don't want to send it to a body shop with that wheel on it.  You can see in the picture the wood dollies I built to work on the car, move it around and bring it up to a height that would not break my back to work on.  I can't take it to the paint shop on those dollies.  That picture was before I had the suspension in the car.  Today I am going to a tire installer that has been installing wire wheels on Austin Healeys and other classic cars for 45 years.  He also shave the tires to make them round and knows how to balance a center lock wire wheel properly.  He's right here in SoCal (Signal Hill).  Today I will be putting four used tires on my new Dayton rims for occasions when I need to move it on wheels like this.  I am also have four new tires put on my MGB BT wire wheels for the MGB GT I recently bought.  Turns out the tires that were on the car were installed in 1999.  Should ride a little better now that the petrified tires will be replaced.
Mike MacLean

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My suggestion is to get 4 of the 4 wheel car dollies from Harbor Freight or other supplier and you will be able to maneuver the car however you need.  Much easier than trying to wrestle the steering wheel….



61 BT7



I need to move my project BN2 around the garage to work on different areas of the car.  The only steering wheel I have is a custom wood wheel by Mike Lempert.  I would rather not expose such a nice steering wheel to the rebuild environment.   Does anyone have a ratty old steering wheel that would fit the splines on my car?  It doesn't even have to be an original Healey wheel, just something that would fit so I can turn the front wheels pushing the car around the garage.  Let me help you clean up that garage of yours and sell me that steering wheel hanging on the wall that's too far gone.  I cringe at the idea of a pair of vice grips deforming the splines.

Mike MacLean

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