[Healeys] Choke cable

Jean Caron vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 4 21:02:53 MST 2020

You almost make it sound easy Michael, I find that the nut in the wood dash is the worse part of the whole operation.


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On the BJ8 that's a challenging job.
First turn off the battery master switch.
Next remove the "splitter" bracket from the firewall at the back of the engine compartment. 2 Phillips head screws.
Next feed the choke cable assembly, with the inner cable pulled out until the end of the inner is within the outer, through the wooden dash and then slide the split washer and then the nut onto the cable.
Using a thin wall socket, also slid over the cable, tighten the choke assembly into the wood dash
At this stage it's a really good good idea to install a 5/8" NC " palnut" on top of the hex nut to prevent the choke assembly from coming loose in the future.
Now, after removing the socket, feed the end of the outer cable through the hole in the firewall between the 2 "splitter" assembly securing screws.
Now push the choke control all the way in.
Next reinstall the "splitter" assembly such that the inner cable protrudes into the splitter.
Install the trunnion through the splitter block and then clamp the inner cable into the trunnion.
There should be little or no inner cable protruding through the splitter block.
Flat rate time 0.3 hours. 😊😊


On Wed, Feb 5, 2020, 10:44 AM Fred Wescoe, <fredwescoe at gmail.com<mailto:fredwescoe at gmail.com>> wrote:

Temps are the upper 60's today so I went to the garage to take the BJ8 out for a run.  I pulled the choke knob and the entire choke assembly came out of the dash.  I do mean the entire assembly, the knob as well as the cable sheath came out of the dash.  The sheath disconnected from the choke bracket on the fire wall.  So here I am, a beautiful day and no choke to start the car with!  I've never had this happen before.

This situation is not one of the items on my to-do-list!  I don't need more stuff to do.  I tried looking under the dash to see the hole through the firewall but it appears that the hole is above and or behind the back of the heater.  I cannot see daylight through the firewall hole.  Does anyone have ideas or suggestions on how to put the choke assembly back through the dash and fire wall without removing the entire dash?  Do I have to actually remove the heater box to put the choke back in the car?


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