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Simon, I did mine a few years back and although a bit tedious it is well
worth the effort.  I confirm Perry on the bolt size – ¼” – 28.  The hex
heads do have to be reduced in height.  I think it would be awkward to do
after they are spot welded back in, and I did mine before re-assembly.  I
actually used a hack saw and cut the heads down and then finished  them with
a file to get the saw marks out.  I would measure the height of the head on
the existing studs so you know what to aim for.   It is a labour-intensive
way to do it but there are not many of them.  Once you have it apart I would
send both parts of the runners (8 pieces if you are doing both seats) out to
get zinc plated, then they will really look good when you are done.  Mine
slide beautifully now. I replaced the wood and metal shimming beneath the
runners while I was at it as the wood was pretty punky.


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Happy New Year to one and all, 

(I always think of Eddie Murphy in “Trading Places” when I hear that!)

So, we’re talking MkII BT7 here

The bolts that fasten the seat bases to the runners in my car are pretty
ratty. One or two are missing and several have had their diameters reduced
and rethreaded. Presumably after wearing out. But the slides work and
they’re fully functional.

What is the precise anatomy of these things?

The bolts that come up from the part of the runner that moves fore & aft,
are they spotwelded in place?

Can one split the moving half of the runners from the fixed half?

In which case, I presume one can fix in new bolts? Remove hidden nuts or
grind off welds and MIG on new bolts?

What size are these bolts?



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