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I repaired my BJ8's seat runners a few years ago. Working from memory 
(so a few things might not be exactly correct):

1) there are pins on each end of the bottom to keep them from going too 
far/coming apart; I got these out, I think by knocking them out with a 
drift (be prepared to catch the ball bearings)

2) once the tops/bottoms of the slides are separated, the old 
studs/bolts can be removed by grinding their heads down (I used a 3" 
compressed-air cut-off tool)

3) put new bolts of proper diameter and length(IIRC, 5/16 x 1" or so) 
into the holes you created in #2 (recommend grade 5; grade 8 may not 
weld too well)

4) tack weld the new bolt heads (small bead on two sides in lengthwise 
direction; I think the runners may be galvanized, so do not breathe the 
fumes--respirator would be a good idea)

5) use the cut-off tool to grind the new bolts' heads and welds down 
enough so the runners can slide

6) I used suitably-sized roll pins to replace the end pins removed in 
#1--will make it easier to re-do if necessary*--don't forget the ball 
bearings; they have to be installed 'just so'

There were a couple small gotchas--that I don't recall exactly--but they 
had to do with 'order of replacement;' so pay attention/take photos when 
you disassemble. Overall, a satisfying project; esp. since new ones 
aren't cheap. The ball bearings are 5/16" and, of course I lost a 
couple; I bought a boatload of these from a bearing house, they're used 
elsewhere (including in gearboxes).


* Of course, I immediately stripped one of my new bolts before I 
realized the power of my new battery impact wrench.

On 12/31/2020 10:30 AM, simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com wrote:
> Happy New Year to one and all,
> (I always think of Eddie Murphy in “Trading Places” when I hear that!)
> So, we’re talking MkII BT7 here….
> The bolts that fasten the seat bases to the runners in my car are 
> pretty ratty. One or two are missing and several have had their 
> diameters reduced and rethreaded. Presumably after wearing out. But 
> the slides work and they’re fully functional.
The OEM studs have all the strength of wet noodles.
> What is the precise anatomy of these things?
> The bolts that come up from the part of the runner that moves fore & 
> aft, are they spotwelded in place?
Yep. They are a 'special' type, with flat heads and round (no sides).
> Can one split the moving half of the runners from the fixed half?
Yep again (see above).
> In which case, I presume one can fix in new bolts? Remove hidden nuts 
> or grind off welds and MIG on new bolts?
Grind old, weld new, grind new flat.
> What size are these bolts?
5/16"-24TPI  (I think). IIRC, about an inch long (but not sure). Too 
long and they'll dig into your seat bottoms (ouch!)
> Thanks,
> Simon

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