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Alternators by design (at least those I know and I am working in that field) cannot have more than 15 Volts output. Generators are different in design and their output voltage can be much more, but is regulated by  the regulator to about 14.5 Volts. 

Josef Eckert

Betreff: Re: [Healeys] Voltmeter Repair
Datum: 2020-12-22T20:53:25+0100
Von: "Kees Oudesluijs" <coudesluijs at chello.nl>
An: "R. Lindsay" <050.rpl at gmail.com>, "Healey List" <healeys at autox.team.net>

The Voltage in the circuit should normally not exceed 14,7V. If the 
alternator produces 80+V this should be reduced by a regulator to the 
said 14,7V max. Most alternators have an internal regulator meaning the 
these alternators will not produce more than the said 14,7V. In the 
later cars the electrical gauges (fuel, temperature) are supplied with 
10V from the small Voltage regular somewhere behind the dash, usually 
fixed on one of the large instruments. The other instruments are the 
said voltage meter and the mechanical oil pressure gauge. The oil 
pressure and temperature gauge can be combined in a dual gauge in which 
case both gauges are mechanical and do not need a power supply so cannot 
be overloaded with 22-24V.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 22-12-2020 om 20:35 schreef R. Lindsay:
> My voltmeter stopped working yesterday.
> I have done some checking and it looks like all my gauges are taking 22 - 24 volts. The alternator is producing 80+ volts while the battery is at 14.5 volts with the engine running and 12.5 with it off.
> Does this sound normal?  Is there some kind of resistor in the gauges to step down the voltage?  Could it be a diode?
> Thank you for any help?
> Price Lindsay
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>> On Dec 21, 2020, at 4:16 PM, Kees Oudesluijs <coudesluijs at chello.nl> wrote:
>> Hello Price,
>> The Voltmeter is the least of your worries. If the output of the alternator/generator/regulator is showing 22-26V something is amiss. This should be rectified first!
>> I am not sure if 26V would kill the Voltmeter. If so, repair is not really on the cards I think. The coil type (early ones) is harder to find I think, the later ones are still available new and there are plenty available used on eBay. If you have a picture of the meter I may have a look at my collection of gauges. Problem is shipping costs though.
>> Cheers,
>> Kees Oudesluijs
>> Op 21-12-2020 om 21:25 schreef R. Lindsay:
>>> My voltmeter just stopped working.  I have taken it out of the car and tested the wires to the unit.  They show 22 - 26 volts to the voltmeter.  I also tested the connection at the battery - 14.0 volts.
>>> I presume there is too much voltage to the volt meter but perfect to the battery.  Could the voltage to the voltmeter have burned it out?  Is there a way to fix the voltmeter?
>>> Thanks.
>>> Price Lindsay
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