[Healeys] FW: Girling Rear Brake Spring Fitting Tool

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Got your original message but I was still trying to figure out how the tool worked so that the application might be revealed. 
I have a bunch of tools that are marked as being made by or for Girling.  One group of the tools came in a nice tool bag much like the original AH tool kits. The kit was intended to allow the user to bend brake tubing into the correct shape however it proved to be not so simple.   I wrote to Girling and asked for any info or instructions they may have on the use of the tool kit.  Answer from them is "No, user is on their own regarding use of these tools.". Suspect most of these tools are more than 50 years old. 

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Nobody replied. Maybe the message got lost or noone’s got one of these things.
 I have to say that it doesn’t look like it would pull the skin off a rice pudding. But, who knows? And, actually, that’s the question.

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I’ve just dug this out one of many boxes of “Healey stuff”. I’ve never used it. Indeed, I can’t remember buying it.
Can anyone tell me:-
Does this thing have any application to a big Healey (MkII BT7)?
Has anyone ever used one?
Is it worth having? 


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