[Healeys] Replacing the starter

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Fri Dec 18 13:47:59 MST 2020

Good news, the starter is rebuilt and back on the car. When I removed
it I had the brake booster out for rebuilding, so the starter came out
the bottom. With the booster returned to its original position, the
starter now has to go in from the top. With the oil filter mounting
out, and the plastic distributor cap out of the way, if feeds in
pinion up, very nicely...then as mentioned previously, spend some more
quality time fixing the two 9/16" bolts, lock washers and nuts. Upon
returning the oil filter unit to the car, charge it half full of new
oil and a new filter and change the engine oil if necessary. That's
At Kees suggestion, I then removed the generator and checked the
brushes for wear. This item was OK and in good condition after almost
72K miles. Perry, hold onto those spare units-there is a need for
armatures. Hank

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 I just "yanked" my BJ8 starter after 70,000+ miles and took it to
Don' Auto Electric (he does Leno items), The car was starting slowly
and in a "rolling" fashion and I had suspected a worn motor mount. No,
it was the starter-armature was egg shaped and Don said it was the
worst he has seen in 30 years! However, he also indicated that the
Lucas item was very robust and although he said he couldn't see how
the car was ever starting, it was. 
 The bad news is that armatures, or rewound ones, are no where to be
found. I finally located a used one in better shape than mine and he
is rebuilding the unit. Here are pics of a 60 year old working
starter. After about an hour of fiddling it will go right back on the
car without removing the tunnel or engine...hint: remove the oil
filter at the block connection and it makes it easier to fish. Then
spend some quality time putting the two 9/16" bolts back in place.
More Healey fun, but who's going anywhere anyway? Hank,

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 Can't speak to the gear reduction units.
 Long ago, usually because original parts were not available, old
timers would try other British parts on our Austin Healeys to keep
those $300-$700 cars on the road. With some work a Lucas starter from
a Jaguar (in this case part number 26183B, pretty sure its from a Jag
MK2, will fit in a six cylinder AH. Fit issue is between the starter
case and the engine block. Some grinding or file work required. Anyway
these starters are a bit more stout and will spin the AH easily. I
don't have the specs on both starters but every thing seems to be
bigger in the Jag unit. As stated by others a stock starter will do
the job if its in good nick but how much regular maintenance gets done
on a starter. Just another piece of, perhaps, useless info.

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 You may remember I mentioned my BJ8 would not start after a run
because of overheating. the engine did turn over with a wrench, and 50
amp on the starter made it only moan. So I will replace the starter.
Many of you have recommended a gear reduction starter which is
available from Moss and others. What source do you recomend.? Also, I
see it shows an additional bulge which must be the gears. Will it fit
into my BJ8 engine compartment without having to remove the engine? As
it is I will have to take out the tunnel to get to the starter bolts.

 Another item I should have replaced when I rebuilt the engine was the
oil pump. When the engine is hot the oil pressure drops to less that
20 psi at idle. This engine was rebuilt with only 20 over and is using
the same cam etc. what oil pump should i install and is the Moss pump
a reasonable replacement?
 Bob Begani

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