[Healeys] The Whatchamacallit Plug

Harold Manifold manifold at telus.net
Wed Dec 16 19:48:09 MST 2020

I had a similar issue finding a mystery fitting. It turns out the thread was
BSPP British Standard Parallel Pipe. I suspect yours is either BSPP or BSPT.
Measure the hole and see if it matches any of female thread ID on this
chart. Fittings are available from a number of online sources.


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Subject: [Healeys] The Whatchamacallit Plug

Does anyone have the threaded hex head plug that goes in this hole they
might sell?  Where does this hole in the front of the block of my BN2 engine
go to anyway?   It seems my friend that built the short block for me forgot
to re-install it on the engine.  Kind of hard to ask him for it as he has
passed away since then.
Mike MacLean

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