[Healeys] Replacing the starter with a gear reduction starter

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My BN2 became hard to start a while ago. I installed new batteries and 
had the starter rebuilt, and I painted it. When I'd initially installed 
the starter I'd used grade 8 bolts, grade 8 nuts and grade 8 split 
washers and flat washers under the nuts. I took the starter to a local 
shop, who said the starter checked-out fine. When I re-installed it I 
omitted the flat-washers, and the starter worked! Apparently, there was 
enough paint on the starter and the engine paint to prevent good 
conduction; the split washers cut through the paint enough to allow 
conductivity. I don't know if grade 8 hardware is less conductive than 
grade 5, but since the starter is grounded through the engine plate you 
need a good connection there (IOW, scrape the paint off).

On 12/10/2020 8:36 PM, banjojohn via Healeys wrote:
> I expect you've already checked other possible reasons for hard 
> starting issues, but I had a problem a few years ago that turned out 
> to be a poor connection at a battery terminal resulting in high 
> resistance.  Just a thought before you start replacing things is to 
> check connections and grounds.
> John O'Brien
> '61 bugeye (Lucy)
> '65 BJ8 (Madelyn)
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> Bob--
> As said you can install the starter from under the car.  Though the 
> adapter plates and motor units are indexable to fit most all 
> applications usually there is only one position that will fit on each 
> car so you will probably have to play with things a bit before you 
> find the correct  set-up.
> Best--Michael Oritt
> On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 2:56 PM Bob Begani <rfbegani at gmail.com 
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>     You may remember I mentioned my BJ8 would not start after a run
>     because of overheating.  the engine did turn over with a wrench,
>     and 50 amp on the starter made it only moan.  So I will replace
>     the starter.  Many of you have recommended a gear reduction
>     starter which is available from Moss and others.  What source do
>     you recomend.?  Also, I see it shows an additional bulge which
>     must be the gears.  Will it fit into my BJ8 engine compartment
>     without having to remove the engine?  As it is I will have to take
>     out the tunnel to get to the starter bolts.
>     Another item I should have replaced when I rebuilt the engine was
>     the oil pump.  When the engine is hot the oil pressure drops to
>     less that 20 psi at idle.  This engine was rebuilt with only 20
>     over and is using the same cam etc.  what  oil pump should i
>     install and is the Moss pump a reasonable replacement?
>     Regards,

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