[Healeys] Replacing the starter with a gear reduction starter

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I expect you've already checked other possible reasons for hard starting issues, but I had a problem a few years ago that turned out to be a poor connection at a battery terminal resulting in high resistance.  Just a thought before you start replacing things is to check connections and grounds.John O'Brien'61 bugeye (Lucy)'65 BJ8 (Madelyn)Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10e.
-------- Original message --------From: Michael Oritt via Healeys <healeys at autox.teaady checked m.net> Date: 12/10/20  9:00 PM  (GMT-06:00) To: Bob Begani <rfbegani at gmail.com> Cc: Ahealey help <healeys at autox.team.net> Subject: Re: [Healeys] Replacing the starter with a gear reduction starter Bob--As said you can install the starter from under the car.  Though the adapter plates and motor units are indexable to fit most all applications usually there is only one position that will fit on each car so you will probably have to play with things a bit before you find the correct  set-up.Best--Michael OrittOn Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 2:56 PM Bob Begani <rfbegani at gmail.com> wrote:You may remember I mentioned my BJ8 would not start after a run because of overheating.  the engine did turn over with a wrench, and 50 amp on the starter made it only moan.  So I will replace the starter.  Many of you have recommended a gear reduction starter which is available from Moss and others.  What source do you recomend.?  Also, I see it shows an additional bulge which must be the gears.  Will it fit into my BJ8 engine compartment without having to remove the engine?  As it is I will have to take out the tunnel to get to the starter bolts.Another item I should have replaced when I rebuilt the engine was the oil pump.  When the engine is hot the oil pressure drops to less that 20 psi at idle.  This engine was rebuilt with only 20 over and is using the same cam etc.  what  oil pump should i install and is the Moss pump a reasonable replacement?Regards,Bob Begani
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