[Healeys] 100 master cylinder rebuild

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Don't sand any internal parts. OK to use crocus cloth to polish but no
emery or other abrasive. Clean all with brake fluid. Rubber sleeve can
go over the boot when installed to keep dirt out and boot from
slipping...use rubber grease to lube all rubber.


If you sleeve the cylinders they will be a permanent fix, but costly.
If the bore is clean-no pits or scores then you do not need to sleeve.
End cap is for access and is original. See pictures attached. Hank,

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  Included in the Moss seal rebuild kit is a large wide/thin "rubber
band" type seal that is not pictured in the service manual. I assume
it goes over the thin round "castle top" spacer in the end cover???
Also my "castle top" spacer is removable (also not pictured seperate
in service manual). Is this correct or an aftermarket MC? 
  Also looking for plunger surface prep advise since it is a sealing
surface and slides in the rear seal. Polish it? Super fine sandpaper?
Just clean it? I plan to send the body out to be re-bushed.  Thank
you, Shawn 
  The Millers

 "Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a
test drive."

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