[Healeys] carb removal wrench

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They are also called "crow's foot" wrenches and can attach to the
front or side opening and used on a socket or extension. Like the bent
wrench Bill made but is it a sacrelige to mess up a Proto? Hank

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Those are called half moon wrenches.
On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 2:26 PM healeymanjim via Healeys  wrote:
years ago i bought a set of "C" wrenches(not sure of proper name) aat
harbor freight for about 3 dollars. have never used 
 but the half inch one. i can reach in from the bottom to loosen the
nuts, then spin them off with my fingers or a 
 screwdriver. i always remove both at one time on a BJ8, although i
have removed only one on earlier models. you still 
 have to loosen the other carb a bit to remove the throttle connector.
better to remove both, seems to save time.
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