[Healeys] Carb removal

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Recommend you remove both carbs as a unit, and put new seals in
both-rebuilding one will do no good, and if you want to get rid of
leaks you should address each one. Its not a bad job on the
bench-mostly cleanup...then reinstall as a unit-slips right back into
position with inlet manifold. Hank

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   I'm not sure you can remove only one carb. With the linkage and the
length of the mounting studs you could bend or break something. Let us
know if you are successful. And how did you get away with not doing
anything for 30 years. You must have had it stored for 29 years.

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 SUBJECT: [Healeys] Carb removal      It has been thirty years since
the last time I needed to do anything major on my BJ7 so my memory is
not quite clear. Can I remove the rear carb independently from the
front carb? I have already designed a tool to access the lower hold
down bolts. If I remember correctly, I may have rebuilt and installed
the carburetors when I rebuilt the engine, so access was not much of a
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