[Healeys] Thoughts on my engine

Per Schoerner per at schoerner.se
Sun Sep 22 14:03:08 MDT 2019

On which side of the car does your passenger sit? Engine number plate side or opposite? Left or right?

Per (here the passenger sits to the right)

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> 22 sep. 2019 kl. 19:22 skrev Joseph Costa <healey53 at gmail.com>:
> Finally have the head off the engine.  I had oil in the water and the car would over heat on a regular basis.  In 2011 I spun a bearing and the engine was sleeved.  These have been there since the rebuild and not before.  
> When you look at the top of the engine you will notice that the center passenger side water galley has a plug.  Does this belong there?
> #1 and #4 pistons are heavily carbonized, why?
> The head is going to be magnifluxed and pressure tested.
> I drove this car for 13 years without a problem till the bearing spun, totally frustrated right now.  Time for a beer.
> Joe 
> BN1 #923 Coronet cream

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