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Richard Kahn tahoehealey at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 27 12:02:31 MST 2019

What grade oil had you been using?

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> On Nov 26, 2019, at 7:54 PM, healeymanjim <healeymanjim at hansencc.net> wrote:
> last week someone suggested changing the oil and adding some Lucas Oil Stabilizer to see if that would stop the knock.  
> since i had already drained the oil in preparation for tearing down the engine, i decided to give it a try.  got Castrol 20-50 
> dino oil and i already had a bottle of STP so i put that in, not expecting any change.  well, so far, i have been driving it 
> everyday and have not heard a knock on startup.  i am not a believer in additives, so not sure how long my good luck will 
> last.  might be because it is a lot colder now than a few weeks ago(50s-60s F), but i am certainly a happy driver.  thanks to 
> everyone for the help.
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