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A couple comments:

Weldwood also makes another version of their contact cement which is a gel and id less likely to drip or spill. I've used it and it is just as good as the liquid stuff. I cleaned up excess contact cement with plain old paint thinner. Works well and doesn't seem to effect vinyl or leather dyes.

Re: flammability vs toxicity: Gasoline, especially as formulated currently has as many toxic effects as most contact adhesives. In addition the contact adhesive containers carry a warning to users to turn off gas mains before using it. Of course both hazards are dependent on the amount of material being used  and the concentration of solvents in the breating zone. A little common sense will serve to keep you safe from both factors. California legislation is living proof that anything worth doing is worth over-doing.

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I don't think flammability is the issue California has with some products; it's the volatile, highly toxic/carcinogenic solvents used in many of them.  I can go a couple blocks down the street and buy as much of a highly flammable--in fact, explosive--compound called 'gasoline' and put it in my vehicles with no (unreasonable) restrictions.

Shame on California for trying to limit/reduce the amount of highly toxic/carcinogenic chemicals in the air we all have to breathe.   Shame shame shame.


On 11/26/2019 9:39 AM, Michael MacLean wrote:
As far as Weldwood is concerned there is an effective contact cement and then there is the California version of Weldwood.  The California version is not worth your time.  I had to buy out of state through Amazon to get the more flammable (but works) version that the People's Democratic Republic of California is protecting us from.  I used it for the saddlebags on my Harley Davidson.  They are an all leather construction and tend to "deflate" over a short amount of time.  Looks terrible.  Through a club affiliation I got shaped double thick hard leather inserts for the front and back sides.  In the instructions it was recommended the non-California version of Weldwood Contact Cement.  It has held fast since 2003.  In the pictures you can see what happens to the bag over time and what it should look like (my bike). Actually comes nice from the factory, but leather does not keep it's shape very well.

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If you look for Weldwood adhesive at the local hardware store, this type, works very well. A bit messy and as mentioned, use a cheap throw away brush. Can clean up with lacquer thinner.

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