[Healeys] knock

healeymanjim healeymanjim at hansencc.net
Thu Nov 21 09:41:31 MST 2019

before i tear my engine down i am going out one more time to see if anyone has ever encountered this condition before and 
the remedy.  after about 500 miles on rebuilt engine detected a knock near front of engine.  two conditions have to be met 
for this knock to occur.  engine oil must be hot and it must have set for 10-20 minutes.  will not knock on cold engine or 
upon immediate restart.  knock ceases immediatly when oil pressure builds have plastigaged rods and the two middle main 
bearings.  have checked all new lifters, pushrods and valve train.  installed a new timing chain tensioner and damper.  oil 
pump about 5 years old.   have had piston slap and wrist pin suggested as culprit.  any ideas?

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