[Healeys] Ignition Circuit

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sun May 26 14:44:39 MDT 2019

I do not think the generator will deliver more than about 25-30A at high 
revs. on a good day. A period alternator will give you 32-36A at 
moderate revs.

The fan will normally only be switched on in dense traffic at low speed, 
when a generator is not producing many amps. An alternator would do 
slightly better.

Both an alternator would deliver sufficiently and a generator better 
than that at normal speeds unless there are other accessories drawing a 
lot of power: e.g. head lights, spotlights, heater fan, windscreen 
wipers, modern high power radio, AC etc.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 26-5-2019 om 22:11 schreef Michael Oritt:
> Make that 7 amps--not 78....
> Best--Michael Oritt
> On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 4:10 PM Michael Oritt <michael.oritt at gmail.com 
> <mailto:michael.oritt at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Patrick--
>     If, as you say, the car is always in a state of discharge when the
>     fan is running I would be concerned for the state of your charging
>     circuit.  I assume you have a generator if you have an ammeter and
>     I believe the generators on Healeys are rated at 30 amps which
>     should be more than sufficient to keep up with the draw of an
>     auxiliary fan: the SPAL site rates their fans as drawing no more
>     than 78 amps (https://www.a1electric.com/catalog/cat_spal.htm).
>     Best--Michael Oritt
>     On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 4:28 AM Kees Oudesluijs
>     <coudesluijs at chello.nl <mailto:coudesluijs at chello.nl>> wrote:
>         Nothing to worry about. The fan is drawing a lot of amps which
>         will result in a negative charge hence the ign. light is
>         coming on, probably only when idling. Before you most likely
>         had the fan wired directly from the main circuit in series
>         with the Amp. meter and not through the ignition circuit so
>         the light might not show. You could operating the fan using a
>         relay switched on by the under dash switch but getting the
>         main current from the battery. It will not solve the negative
>         charge but it may avoid the light coming on.
>         Perhaps the fan is a bit to powerful and drawing more Amps
>         than necessary. However the fan is only on for a very short
>         while unless in prolonged very heavy traffic and on long and
>         slow steep inclines
>         The best way is to revert to the old situation with the
>         thermo-switch (wired through the ignition circuit and use the
>         manual switch as an override switch so when you switch of the
>         ignition the fan will not work. These should switch a relay
>         with the main current coming directly from the main circuit
>         with the Ampmeter
>         Use a thermo-switch tot cuts in at say 90-95°C and cuts out at
>         about 5-10°C over the opening temperature of the thermostat.
>         Kees Oudesluijs
>         Op 25-5-2019 om 09:17 schreef Patrick & Caroline Quinn:
>>         Hello
>>         Seeking advice from those who understand automotive electrics.
>>         My real Healey has an electric fan in front of the radiator
>>         that was controlled by a thermo switch. Worked reasonably
>>         well, but drew quite a bit of power but nothing concerning.
>>         When on, the amp gauge needle would always hover in the
>>         negative.
>>         Personally I don’t like thermo switches, so the fan has now
>>         been wired direct and operated by a discreet switch under the
>>         dash. Power is taken directly from the outgoing side of the
>>         ignition switch so that the fan only comes on when the
>>         ignition is on along with the specific switch.
>>         Works well, but now when the fan goes on the ignition light
>>         is illuminated and will not go out.
>>         Does that mean that the ignition circuit doesn’t like what I
>>         have done? I am thinking of taking the power direct from the
>>         incoming side of the ignition switch so that the fan is
>>         powered direct from the battery. Would that work?
>>         Any electrical whizzes out there?
>>         Thanks
>>         Patrick Quinn
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