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Don, You appear to be correct. However, I am home now & am able to do some more research. I think I was confusing information about banjo fittings on new SU fuel pumps. See attached article by Dave DuBois. 
However, I stand by my statement that "If you have the correct gaskets & it is still leaking, something else is the reason". I do not believe sealant is required for this application. 
I did some more "research" on the SU carb banjo fittings & made an interesting discovery which may apply to the leaking fittings mentioned in the original inquiry.The banjo fitting has one side that has a recess machined into the surface that mates with the head of the banjo bolt. The ID of the recess measures .882" +/-. I have 4 gaskets (#12-1829 from Victoria British) that measure .891" +/- OD. They will not fit into the recess. If they were jammed into the recess by trying to tighten the bolt, they might not be sealing correctly. I also have one gasket that measures .870" +/- OD & it fits nicely into the recess. I do not know where I got it but it has part number AUC2141 on the bag. If someone has an unused Moss #370-650 gasket they might share the OD measurement with us.
Gary Hodson
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Gary , I’ve never seen to use 2 different fiber gaskets on the banjo unions . Every parts breakdowns I have , and I have a lot only show the same fiber gaskets on either side of the banjo union . On the float chamber lid there is an aluminum top washer and a fiber washer on the bottom of the cap bolt . Maybe that’s what your referring to .               Don 

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I’m working on a BJ-8 right now and I’m having a hard time stopping very slight fuel leaking out of the two banjo unions between the carbs . And I installed new fiber washers . Would it be ok to try some  gasket sealer on the fiber washers ? 
        Don      67 BJ-8 

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