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"... offered for sky-high amounts where their identity and integrity are 
questionable ..."

There's a word for that ... can't think of it at the moment ... know it 
rhymes with 'clod,' 'plod' and 'shod.'

ps.  Do like the way he routed and secured the braided fuel line from 
the shroud to the carbs on the BJ8.   I've always wondered what to do 
with that line; I believe it's supposed to go in front of the carb above 
the fuel filter, but mine rubbed against the bonnet--I think that 
particular line was a bit too long--so I routed behind the carb.  Looks 
like a simple P-clip is the answer (chromed is over-the-top IMO).

On 5/9/2019 11:01 AM, BJ8Healeys wrote:
> The BJ8 has a VIN plate that is rectangular, whereas for such a late 
> car I would expect it to have rounded ends.  My conclusion is that the 
> VIN plate is not original, but a reproduction.
> From photos of the engine serial number plate in an earlier ad, I can 
> tell that the engine plate is also a reproduction -- the letters and 
> numbers are stamped into the plate from above, rather than from below 
> as original.  That means that there is no way at all that anyone can 
> be sure the engine is still original to that car.
> The car is stated to have been restored by Tom Rocke.  For what it's 
> worth, I've seen a whole lot of cars from well-known restorers and 
> offered for sky-high amounts where their identity and integrity are 
> questionable, even though they may be beautiful.
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