[Healeys] 1967 BJ8 BRG Restored in 90's

Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Fri May 3 11:31:25 MDT 2019

Further information about the car. 


The owner contacted "Ragtops and Roadsters" in PA., who did the body work on
the Healey in the 90's.  they're getting some information together for me,
and also said if I send them some pictures, they will put it on the internet
for me.....  Can't find anything current on John Davies, who did engine
work, on the car, yet.... as I said... he Could Be Dead.... he wasn't a
Spring Chicken, then!


In addition, she remembered that once the car was finished in the 90's the
car was entered and won a trophy: Buckingham Concourse de Elegance", in
Bucks County, PA. and many other places.  Jack loved to show the car.


I suggested that she contact them to get information about the award.  Jack
always won best of show or best of class in local shows in PA and in and
around SW Florida.  But, they threw away all that stuff.  He had the car
detailed and showed it at the local car show and won a trophy as usual 6
weeks ago before passing away.


I borough my friend Hermann over to view the car because he has extensive
experience with Concours Shows.  In accordance with their rating system and
Haggarty, He rates the car as 2 Minus because of a few small chips outside
surfaces, rust on inside bumpers and few small chips and rust inside the
engine compartment.  Also, Non original steering wheel which was replaced a
few years ago.  She will look around their many storage units to see if they
still have the original.  Hermann indicates it is an older restoration,
however, was hardly driven and, obviously garage kept. It is a great car to
take to shows after having taken care of the imperfections.  For the guy who
wants to win trophies.


Bob Begani

BJ8 67

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