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Roger Grace roggrace at telus.net
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About 3 years ago I bought a digital timing light - the Innova 5568. It was reputed to be top of the line. I simply could not get it to work on my BJ8 with usb 123 ignition. The flashes were nice and bright and RPM indication useful but the digital advance feature did not move the flashes. After numerous discussions with the manufacturer and 2 replacements it just would not work - it sort of worked on #6 cyl but not reliably enough. They kept blaming noise in the engine compartment. 
Tried a regular old Sears metal one with pot for advance and it worked fine.
I liked the idea of the accuracy of a digital one.
So gave up and eventually sold it. 
Recently purchased an Actron CP7529 also digital that works fine.
BTW I believe that the polarity issues discussed here are a bit of a red herring - as someone noted the electrons dont care. The Actron manual says OK to use positive ground but connect properly.

Recently purchased https://webmail.telus.net/h/search?sfi=2
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a few years back a couple of club members bought the kind of timing light that you rotate a dial to the degree you want and 
then coincide the timing marks (Sears IIRC).  they worked a few times then quit working at all.  i was just guessing but i 
think positive ground may have caused the breakdown.
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