[Healeys] Modern Paint Source for Healey Blue

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Thu Mar 7 13:26:31 MST 2019

Folks,Here's one avenue to explore as a source for a modern paint formula that will match the shade and texture of the Healey Blue (Imperial Chemicals Ice Blue Metallic). 

When the Mercedes-Benz 190SL was produced at about the same time, they had a very similar -- if not identical -- color available. I've seen some restorations and they looked spot on to the Healey color.
So, you might talk to your paint shop and if they shoot BASF paint -- what the MB Classic Center uses for its restorations -- ask them to shoot a sample of the Mercedes-Benz Light Blue Metallic (DB353) color that they have in their BASF paint formula files for Mercedes-Benz restorations. 

Let us know if you pursue that avenue and what the result is.

Gary Anderson
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