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Thu Mar 7 12:00:40 MST 2019

Motorsports history buffs might recall that Donald Healey had 5,000 removable hardtops made for BN7 and BT7 roadsters in 1959 so that they could compete in the GT class in European road rallies. About 20 years ago, as these hardtops started to surface in the enthusiast market, Bill Bolton had a batch of replacement plexiglass windows made so that people could refurbish their hardtops for show, touring or racing. He had the windows made so that they would fit the slightly larger opening of the BT7 top, but could be cut down by about half an inch on the top so that they would fit the smaller opening of the BN7.

When I ordered a replacement window for the hardtop I had acquired for my BN7, I ordered a second one as well, and for the past 20 years that unopened box has been sitting in my attic. I have no idea if there are more replacement windows still available, but have decided that I really don't need to carry that box to our new home, where there isn't any storage space above the garage -- or much anywhere else for that matter.
If anyone is interested in having me ship them the window, still in the original box, make me an offer. 

ThanksGary Anderson
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