[Healeys] Early 3000 door fit

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue Dec 31 17:18:29 MST 2019

When my dad was a factory rep for Ford based at the old Milpitis 
assembly plant--where they built Mustangs--he said they took the 
biggest, strongest guy on the assembly line, gave him a 2x4 and told him 
to make the doors line up.  It's a fair bet BMC did something similar.

On 12/31/2019 11:25 AM, richard mayor wrote:
> I've spent a lot of time on trying to get a drivers door aligned. I 
> have it to where everything is good except the lower rear corner of 
> the door still sticks out.
> Two questions:  Did the factory workers swap out doors to get a better 
> fit?   More importantly - Did the factory workers twist the doors to 
> make them fit?

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