[Healeys] Early 3000 door fit

Perry healeyguy at aol.com
Tue Dec 31 13:52:37 MST 2019

To the best of todays understanding the answer is yes and yes. 
I place a piece of 2x4 lumber in the area that needs “adjusted” and give a good push with my hand on the door edge.  Amazing how the structural aspect of a seemingly solid panel will yield to the gentle hand of the body man. 😊
I have attached a photo of a 100 bonnet that shows how to get a little more curvature , fore and aft, on the outer skin without panel beating the skin. Notice the two small dents in the inner support. 
Happy New Year

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I've spent a lot of time on trying to get a drivers door aligned. I have it to where everything is good except the lower rear corner of the door still sticks out. 
Two questions:  Did the factory workers swap out doors to get a better fit?   More importantly - Did the factory workers twist the doors to make them fit?

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