[Healeys] 100/4 Cockpit Surround

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The streaks might have been from some type of contamination. The anodizing
shops in Silicon Valley would not be in business if their work products did
not meet very high quality standards. This is a link to anodizing:





'62 BT7


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A local firm in Albuquerque anodized some new pieces for me, but the results
were so bad I had the anodize removed and just polished them. I figure at
this point in its life the old girl may appreciate some additional pampering
in the form of periodically polishing the alloy trim.


I don't know if the problem was in the anodizing process, the new alloy
materials or my preparation work. They no longer do the process called
"bright anodizing" so in order to get decent result you need to polish the
parts to a very high gloss and then have it "clear anodized". Mine came out
kind of grayish with dark streaks running through it. Again these were new
pieces from Moss.


For now I can get by with some aluminum polish and elbow grease applied a
few times a year. As a bonus it is easy to eliminate new scratches by
working them out with emery cloth and re-polishing them. Can't do that with
an anodized layer.


Bill Lawrence

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I have been considering re-anodizing the surround pieces on a hundred but
have not been able to find someone to perform this service. Can anyone on
list share advice on any firm that can anodize these pieces correctly and or
has experience with anyone. 

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