[Healeys] Ballast resistor wiring question

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One correction here, the only lead that needs the resistor is the one that flashes for the turn signal, one on each side.  The “running” light or tail light that comes on with the headlights does not need the resistor as it is not affected by the flasher.  I’ve done this for others and  it helps for the old “load dependent” type flasher that has been around forever.  If you get a new flasher made for LEDs, then no resistor is needed. 



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For the tail and brake lights you should not need "load resistors". You may need them for the indicator lights if you use the original style bi-metal flasher relay. You have to make certain though that the wiring and especially the contacts and fittings are perfectly clean and make 100% contact.

If you are going to use the load resistors you need two for each double filament bulb as there are two power leads.

Kees Oudesluijs



Op 24-12-2019 om 15:22 schreef Michael Oritt:

I purchased two of the Moss 170-941 red LED bulbs to use as tail-lights/brake-lights to replace the standard 1157 dual filament bulbs on my 100 (I have the reflector pods electrified and wired for turn signals).  In addition to the bulbs I also purchased, at Moss's suggestion, two 170-965 Load Resistors.   

The instructions for installation of the resistors simply talk about the resistor's being installed between the power and ground leads to each fixture but it does not specify which power lead.  My question is:  do I connect the ground lead to the tail light power lead or the turn signal power lead or does it matter?  I cannot envision connecting it to both as that would defeat their separate function.

TIA....Michael Oritt

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