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The procedure is described in the book Go Like Hell by A.J. Baime.  in 1996
at 4:10 AM Ken Miles who was in the leading car pulled into the pits. I
quote from page 238 in the book:
"It was his brakes. Miles had worked those disc brakes hard. His pit crew
had practiced for days preparing for this moment. They went to work
changing the front brake rotors, using the quick-change system that
Shelby's chief engineer Phil Remington had designed. In minutes they
finished a job that would've taken a small-town team of mechanics several

Not sure how accurate this is.  The rotors, calipers and hubs would have
been many hundreds of degrees HOT. They must have been wearing asbestos
suits or had some other way to deal with the heat - or to cool things
down.  The pads would also need to be changed.  What about the calipers?
This all a bit fiddly even in a calm state of affairs. To say it only took
minutes is probably an exaggeration. Just as much an exaggeration in saying
it would take a team of small town mechanics several hours to change out a
couple of rotors.

I too would really like to know more about how they did this.

On Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 9:01 AM Bob Spidell <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:

> I wondered that myself.   Maybe some sort of check valve on the brake
> lines and pre-filled calipers, allowing bleeding with just a couple quick
> pumps on the brake pedal?
> Of course, it was a movie, so maybe it was the figment of some screenpaly
> writer's imagination?
> Bob
> On 12/13/2019 7:01 AM, Linwood Rose via Healeys wrote:
> For those who saw the movie "Ford versus Ferrari." On the Phil Remington
> quick change rotor/caliper assembly, how do they avoid having to bleed the
> brakes?
> Just curious.
> Lin
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