[Healeys] rear seat back BJ8

Perry healeyguy at aol.com
Tue Dec 10 09:19:08 MST 2019

The story goes like this:
My lovely wife says: I, (meaning her) has to die before you (meaning me) because I’m not going to clean up that “mess” (read here Healey lovers) “stash of Healey parts!”  Confused yet?  I suspect that there will not be a crypt for the parts or me.  Probably just scatter my ashes over the 150+ brake shoes, 50 brake drums and 25,000 pounds of other Healey related dust collectors, lock the garage doors and wait for Mike and Frank (American Pickers) to show up. The stuff should be worth at least a $100 so she will get $50 and they clean up the mess! 😊

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So Perry, when you die, if you actually do die, are they going to make a crypt of your Healey parts for you?  :-)



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