[Healeys] Hole in the Dash

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Sun Dec 8 14:04:40 MST 2019

Can someone please tell me what the hole is above and to the left of the overdrive switch is for.  In researching pictures on the internet I see some dash panels have the hole and others do not.  Keep in mind I am putting an early two piece dash in my BN2 just because that is what I have that was given to me by the late Tom Rocke.  This is the reason the overdrive switch seems to be in the wrong location for a BN2.  The configuration of the early two piece dash has the ignition switch and the overdrive switch locations swapped.  I have seen some pictures of the hole to the right of the overdrive switch with a screw in it, but I have no idea what it bolts to in the back.  See picture of recently assembled dash after new paint job.
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