[Healeys] Team.Net server update

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Sun Apr 28 03:09:29 MDT 2019

Woo hoo!  Finally managed to discover the cause of the problem and fix 
it, after, oh, only 9 days.  Anyway, the link


is working once again, as is the personalized unsubscribe/manage link at 
the bottom of each real time ( non-digest ) message.  So you can use 
that to mess with your settings for the lists.  And speaking of real 
time it is so nice to have messages come in, get processed and sent out 
within a minute or two, no more 2, 3 4 hour delays!

Archives still need work, though, both the searchable MhArc based one 
and the mailman built-in pipermail archive.  I hope to get those back on 
the air within the next few days before I leave on a week long 
vacation.  I should have basic email and web access on my laptop, but 
won't have access to the server if I need to muck with any problems that 
may crop up while I am gone.

And thanks again to those who sent in donations to cover the cost of the 
new server, the other list members and I appreciate being able to keep 
this project on the air.  I'll also work on getting around to personal 
thank you notes to all the donors, my past record on that is pretty dismal.


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