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Tue Apr 9 12:49:50 MDT 2019

 Once the grille is out the column comes out of the front fairly easily. My only ‘tip’ regards the re-installation. Fiddling the column back through the engine bay without scraping the paint as it passes through the firewall I found to be a bit of a pain.
My method was to slip the grommet and the plate onto the column and let it slide all the way down to the box. I then put a length of 1.25” plastic waste pipe over the column and slid the lot into the engine bay introducing it to the hole in the firewall (hello firewall, pleased to meet you 😋). The plastic tube could then be drawn part way into the cockpit to act as a guide for the column, removing it from inside the car when the box is hanging loosely on its mounting bolts.
I can highly recommend the DWR zero clearance worm. It transforms the steering giving a very direct and ‘connected’ feel.
Good luck

Alan - from my iPad

> On 9 Apr 2019, at 16:02, Bob Spidell <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:
> Anybody done one in situ in a BJ8?  The DWR steering box, which I had inquired about last June--I was put on a waiting list--is on its way.  I've heard that getting a BJ8's grill out and in can be a bear; any advice or 'tricks?'  Other gotchas?
> As daunting as this task appears, it comes at a good time as my original box is leaking pretty bad, and I'd probably need to get in on the bench to remedy that anyway.
> TIA,
> Bob
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