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The experts will confirm that all these things are interlinked ie you get one thing right which only points out the problems with something else. Or, worse yet, you can’t get A right until B is right. But, seemingly, you can’t get Bright until A is right. I’ve been (re)discovering that recently with respect to timing and carbs’ mixture. 15° before TDC at +/- 1,000 rpm is a good place to start. THE good place to start. When I was fiddling around with my timing the other day and attempting to loosen off the bolt just enough so the distributor wouldn’t move unless I exerted quite a lot of manual pressure, I noticed that – if the bolt was fractionally too loose – the distributor would move around by about 10 by itself. Always to the same spot and without my touching it. I was puzzled until I realized that it was the twist(?) in the HT cables that was moving it. I suppose your bolt isn’t loose? It could just about give rise to those symptoms….Only take a minute to check it. Then wait for the experts.



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Hi all


I have a 100/6 with twin carbs and the old gallery head.


This weekend I retuned the front carb which was running rich and got (I think!) both carbs running the correct mixture (according to Colourtune and the lifting pins).


However, out on the test drive I get intermittently no/poor acceleration.  In fourth gear at 2,000 RPM and 40 MPH, if I accelerate fairly hard, sometimes the revs and speed pick in unison, but at other times the revs will immediately shoot up to 4,000+ RPM with very little increase in speed.


Any ideas what I might have managed to break?


Many thanks


Paul Leeks

100/6 BN4

Lancashire UK



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