[Healeys] Healey Sighting

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Apr 3 22:16:00 MDT 2019

Surprised no one has reported this one yet (or maybe I missed the 
memo?).  In Clint Eastwood's latest, 'The Mule' there is a red BJ8 
featured briefly, but prominently, in a couple scenes.  Eastwood, who 
has been transporting coke for a Mexican cartel, is brought to meet the 
cartel's big boss in Mexico; as he's driven up in a black Escalade--of 
course--there is a Mustang, a Cobra, an E-Type and, as Eastwood gets out 
of the SUV the red BJ8 is seen in the background.  A few minutes later, 
there is a framed shot of the drug lord's mansion in front in the 
evening, and the BJ8 is on the left, the Cobra is in the center and 
there's another older car--think it might be a Jag coupe, not sure--on 
the right. Eastwood is the kind of director who leaves nothing to 
chance--frames every scene--and it's pretty damn cool he featured the 
Healey in a full shot; the Cobra and the other car (Jag?) were both 
partially obscured.  I'm a cheap ass, except when it comes to my cars, 
and I waited for the movie to be rentable 'On Demand,' which is nice 
because, of course, I could back it up and forward it to verify my 
sighting (and try to discern the dialog my old ears often miss).  The 
first shot is at 1:00:37, and the second at 1:01:27.

The movie?  Oh, it was OK; for $5.99 it was worth it for the Healey 
sighting.  My SO was only slightly annoyed but, she drives a Focus.


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