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If you are installing a alloy radiator be sure and use Distilled water. 

The water flows thru the radiator top to bottom. It flows thru the heater from the lower hose thru the heater returning to the head. 

Water will not flow backwards thru the heater valve.

David Nock
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Hello all, 
Preparing to install my alum radiator. Thought I would flush the cooling system.
Which diretion direction does water flow? From block though 
Shut off vavle into heater core, or through pipe and back into block through the shut off valve?
Is my valve in open ir closed position? Heater controls not reinstalled yet. Unit get hot so Ill asume open, but want to confirm. Removed thermostat to help water flush ststem easier. Im going to add extra hose and splice in a water hose bib. That way I can remove it and put system back in place.
Im off this week, but the rain gods are laughing at me. So I'm just getting everything ready for the sweet spot of having time and sunshine so I can back the car out of the garage and flush the system. I plan to drain the anti freeze and fill with flush chemicals and water when I'm ready to flush. Bought new anti freeze for my new radiator.
Driving season is fast approaching.
Happy roads and saftey fast

Ira Erbs
Portland, OR
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