[Healeys] 100 nose repair

S. Carr britfan1 at epix.net
Tue Apr 2 12:12:40 MDT 2019

It’s become clear that the nose of my BN1 was damaged far worse than I suspected.  (Now I know why the car had no front splash pan—no way would the right side of the nose have lined up with it!)  If Moss offered an aluminum repair panel I wouldn’t hesitate to spend the money, but it’s always listed as N/A.

The man now working on the car is an old-time race mechanic with contacts to a shop that makes custom carbon-fiber body panels.  If we could obtain a good shroud to use to make a mold, the cost of a carbon-fiber nose panel (attached to the main shroud with epoxy, as modern-car repair panels are) would not be unreasonable. Carbon fiber panels are much thinner than fiberglass, and would be indistinguishable—under paint—from aluminum.

What does the list think?  Would there be enough demand for such carbon-fiber nose panels to justify making a mold?  Or—in addition or in the alternative—making a buck on which a damaged nose could be worked back into shape?

Sarah Carr
BN1 in PA
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