[Healeys] Lucas electronic voltage regulator

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Wed Oct 31 12:33:07 MDT 2018

Perhaps this is the url you are looking for?


On Wed, 31 Oct 2018 07:54:42 -0700, you wrote:

>Link dynamoconversions.com <http://dynamoconversions.com> doesn't work 
>for me.
>On 10/31/2018 5:20 AM, Michael Salter wrote:
>> That's your decision but I  just purchased 2 from 
>> dynamoconversions.com <http://dynamoconversions.com> and can report 
>> that they are very well engineered and were considerably less than 
>> what you are looking at.
>> My reason for going electronic is that I'm using an Li Fe battery:
>> http://www.netbug.net/blogmichael/2015/09/14/lucas-17l-tar-top-battery-solution/ 
>> which was quite expensive and is easily damaged/destroyed by over 
>> charging.
>> Despite many, many adjustments I have found that the mechanical 
>> regulators are just too inaccurate and the output voltage varies 
>> substantially with temperature.
>> The electronic regulators have an absolute maximum output of 14.2 VDC 
>> which happens to be exactly the maximum that the Li Fe batteries can 
>> handle.
>> M

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