[Healeys] 100 Heater motor or switch problem

Steven Kingsbury airtightproductions at icloud.com
Fri Oct 26 10:36:13 MDT 2018

Great news! I have a mechanic I work with and he does many British cars. Many times they arrive with a "problem" and as soon as he starts to look at the "problem", it's fixed! Don't know why or how, but it's working! Around the shop we call this "FM". Loosely translated it means: F**king Magic!
   Glad to hear you're up and running again and if my heater motor ever needs attention, I like your idea of closing off the top vents, thanks for the suggestion.
Steven Kingsbury
BM1 #598 

On Oct 26, 2018, at 09:09 AM, Michael Oritt <michael.oritt at gmail.com> wrote:

About an hour ago I popped the spring clips off of the heater face-plate which gave me access to the back of the rheostat switch. I first verified that there was power to the switch and then jumped across the two posts with a screwdriver. The heater motor came on full blast, telling me that the problem was in the switch, which had felt a bit odd when I initially encountered the problem a few days ago as the "detent-like feel" when turning the fan on was missing. Though I assumed I had identified the problem as being in the switch I nevertheless turned the control knob just to see how it felt and--wonder of wonders--the fan motor immediately came on. What's more it responded perfectly to the rheostat, going from full blast to low just as it always had. 

I am 100% certain that I had the ignition switch on and the heater power lead connected with an intact fuse and I can only say that this is a typical Healey deal, and now that the car has my attention I am sure that should I simply close the heater up the switch will probably act up at some point in the future. I'm going to investigate whether I can source a replacement switch, either Lucas or not. I'll also take the opportunity to repaint the front plate in black crackle and I am going to close off the top opening that supplies heated air to the two vents in back of the windshield, which seems like a waste of hot air.

Thanks all for your patience and advise and I hope this gives some of you who have experienced similar situations a laugh.
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