[Healeys] 100 heater motor or switch problem

Michael Salter michael.salter at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 13:04:11 MDT 2018

Hi Michael,
I would think that you would be best to remove the heater entirely because
as I recall the motor is trapped between the matrix and the firewall.
There are 3 1/4" UNF studs on the back of the heater that secure it in
2 protrude through a bracket which is welded to the upper surface of the
air duct and can be accessed by reaching behind the heater.
The 3rd, bottom, one is a little more difficult. The nut is inside the air
duct and is accessed by removing a rubber plug from the engine side of the
firewall about 3" below the wiring harness grommet.
Obviously the 2 hoses have to be detached and the 2 bullet connectors on
the wires to the heater disconnected.
I have found that the motor is easily serviced and that the rheostat is
usually reasonably reliable.
Installation is, as you have noted, the reversal of removal and takes 10
times as long.


On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 2:08 PM Michael Oritt <michael.oritt at gmail.com>

> The fan motor in my heater worked nicely all summer but naturally chose to
> crap out once cooler weather arrived a few days ago and I'd like some
> advice from those 100 drivers who have previously removed/remounted their
> heaters.
> I have verified that power is getting to the heater lead from the fusebox
> I installed in the engine compartment, and the green wire disappears into
> and through the firewall, apparently intact Without disassembling the
> heater I cannot access the rheostat switch to trace whether it or the motor
> is the issue and before I pop off the three spring clips that seem to hold
> the heater faceplate to the rear plate I would like to know that doing so
> will allow me to get to the heater's innards.
> Also I would appreciate learning whether reassembly is the reverse of
> disassembly as those clips, esp. the one at the 12:00 o'clock position, do
> not look like they will be easy to get back into place with the heater
> mounted to the firewall, which leads me to my last question: How is the
> heater unit fixed to and removed from the car should I need to access the
> fan motor? Aside from one screw going through an ell-bracket at the top of
> the faceplate I see no other fasteners projecting through the firewall.
> Thanks in advance--Michael Oritt
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