[Healeys] Lift for Healeys

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue Oct 23 22:22:25 MDT 2018

I've been a bit distracted by recent events, but I'm still researching 
lifts.  I called the '800' number for Greg Smith lifts, and talked a guy 
that (I think) was a distributor in Riverside, CA.  I mentioned I would 
prefer an American-made lift and he let slip--or was just being 
forthright, I can't say for sure--that all lifts save Mohawk brand were 
made in China (probably, they are made in China in one or a few 
factories but are distributed under various brands; the Greg Smith site 
cites a 'Texas company;'  check it out for some 'dirt' on lifts).  I'd 
not heard of Mohawk but, of course, I immediately stated googlin'. The 
Mohawk site has issues, but has some, er, 'interesting' information (see 


... and look, in particular, under 'Comparison Photo Galleries'

One option is for 4 wheel cradles that effectively turn the lift into a 
4-post.   I really like this idea.

The Mohawk site doesn't list any prices, so it's one of those 'if you 
have to ask' things.  But, I'm OK buying a cheap made-in-China tool from 
Harbor Freight that probably will leak air but I might use 6 times in my 
lifetime, but getting under a lift with plastic wheels and cables, and 
welds that break makes me nervous.

Just passing what I've learned along.  This is a significant investment 
for me, and I'm inclined to spend extra up front for peace of mind.


On 10/14/2018 12:16 PM, Kent McLean wrote:
> Bob Spidell wrote:
>> Space isn't an issue; my dad built a large 'barn'--that's what it's
>> shaped like, and what we call it--but it's really a large shop
>> URL: <http://autox.team.net/pipermail/healeys/attachments/20181014/0d66a155/attachment-0001.jpe>
> Wow. Who did you have to kill for that?  I mean, Wow, nice shop.
> A few years ago we bought a house with a 32x24 barn (with a few stalls for horses).  A year later my wife peeked in and said, “It looks like we’ve lived here for 20 years.”  I really need to start tossing some of my "treasures" so my kids don’t have to.
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> Kent McLean
> ’56 100 BN2

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