[Healeys] Lift for Healeys

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Oct 14 16:01:14 MDT 2018

My late father had it built (in addition to a 3-car garage with 
bathroom).  Dad knew shops; he was an auto shop teacher for a while and 
designed the original automotive technology program at DeAnza College in 
Cupertino (I've known several mechanics making a good living after 
graduating from the program).  With his passing, I've inherited the task 
of maintaining all my family's vehicles (hence the need for a lift).  
The 'barn' is a lot more cluttered now, although the fire engine now 
belongs to the FD from which it originally came; one of my first tasks 
is to de-clutter it and effect some repairs.  As it is on a farm, there 
is lots of dust to deal with, as well as an invasion of mice and rats.  
It's a battle.


On 10/14/2018 12:16 PM, Kent McLean wrote:
> Bob Spidell wrote:
>> Space isn't an issue; my dad built a large 'barn'--that's what it's
>> shaped like, and what we call it--but it's really a large shop
>> URL: <http://autox.team.net/pipermail/healeys/attachments/20181014/0d66a155/attachment-0001.jpe>
> Wow. Who did you have to kill for that?  I mean, Wow, nice shop.
> A few years ago we bought a house with a 32x24 barn (with a few stalls for horses).  A year later my wife peeked in and said, “It looks like we’ve lived here for 20 years.”  I really need to start tossing some of my "treasures" so my kids don’t have to.
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> Kent McLean
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