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There still seems to be some confusion between the type of construction of the badge and the material that is in the colored part.

Cloisonné and champlevé are jewelers' terms that refer to how the badge is constructed, while the red material is either "vitreous enamel" or paint.


>From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Definition of cloisonné (adjective)

: of, relating to, or being a style of enamel decoration in which the enamel is applied and fired in raised cells (as of soldered wires) on a usually metal background — compare champlevé <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/champlevé>  

Definition of champlevé (adjective) 

: of, relating to, or being a style of enamel decoration in which the enamel is applied and fired in cells depressed (as by incising) into a metal background — compare cloisonné <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cloisonné>  


Definition of vitreous enamel (noun) 

: a fired-on opaque glassy coating on steel or other metals 

— called also porcelain enamel 


Based on these definitions, the BJ7/BJ8 badge construction is champlevé, while the red material is vitreous enamel or paint.  Some have claimed that their badge never had either material but were plain chrome.



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While I normally wouldn't contradict Michael--he's a pro and I'm an amateur--that isn't correct.  What's in our badges--until late BJ8s anyway, which were painted--is Champlevé:


This is usually cited as the goto place for badge restoration, but I hear they are horribly backlogged:





On 10/17/2018 4:17 AM, Michael Salter wrote:

Bad news Lin, the red in the badges is not paint, it is cloisonné.
Thats a type of glass and paint just doesn't look the same.


There are places where you can get it redone.




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