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Usually the 2-post lift arms are too high to get under the Healey, especially the side with the mufflers.  I have a friend who has a 2-post lift, and he has to drive the Healey up on small wooden ramps to get it high enough for the lift pad to reach the frame rail on the other side of the muffler.  I have a 4-post lift, and have had no troubles driving the big Healey on.  My Sprite needs much more precision, as both wheels ride on the inside edge of the ramps. I have a couple of small jacks with which I can jack up the car on each side to remove wheels, or I use a jack in the jacking tray, pushing up on the center of a 2X6 that spans the crossmember, to lift the front or rear of the car.  One other issue I have is that I have a 7' garage door, so tall vehicles, such as my VW Vanagon campers, are lifted up high enough by driving onto the ramp to scrape the roof on the top frame of the garage door.  I can get the one with 14" wheels onto the lift by deflating the tires to 10 psi.  The one that I have with 15" wheels does not clear the door even with the tires deflated.  Something to consider if you have a high-top van or tall truck.
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I need to get a lift in order to get under the various vehicles I now 
have to maintain for myself and my mother (and bury the not-to-code and 
ridiculously dangerous grease pit my dad installed many years ago).  In 
watching all the various car shows, it seems the two-post variety is the 
most popular, but the drive-on four-post might be the most convenient 
(except when you need to remove the wheels, obviously, or raise one of 
the tractors).  So, I'm leaning toward the 2-post--any and all 
suggestions on brand (American-made preferred) and size accepted--but 
I'm concerned about supporting a Big Healey at four points on their 
famously flimsy chassis rails.  What are you all using?  Any issues 
lifting a Healey by the chassis (assuming it's not fully swiss-cheesed)?


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