[Healeys] Lift for Healeys

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat Oct 13 08:56:08 MDT 2018


I need to get a lift in order to get under the various vehicles I now 
have to maintain for myself and my mother (and bury the not-to-code and 
ridiculously dangerous grease pit my dad installed many years ago).  In 
watching all the various car shows, it seems the two-post variety is the 
most popular, but the drive-on four-post might be the most convenient 
(except when you need to remove the wheels, obviously, or raise one of 
the tractors).  So, I'm leaning toward the 2-post--any and all 
suggestions on brand (American-made preferred) and size accepted--but 
I'm concerned about supporting a Big Healey at four points on their 
famously flimsy chassis rails.  What are you all using?  Any issues 
lifting a Healey by the chassis (assuming it's not fully swiss-cheesed)?


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